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AgencyMaxx Marketing Kindle Edition

AgencyMaxx Marketing is considered one of the property and casualty industry’s most comprehensive proactive financial services cross-selling programs. The independent distribution of financial services is shifting from the traditional life and annuity agent to the banks, wire houses, and property and casualty agencies. Property and casualty agencies that previously considered the cross-selling of financial services a luxury now realize the necessity and long-term survival value of proactive marketing. This book is a must read for any agency that wants to offer a comprehensive approach to risk mitigation.

Cross Marketing: Here’s Your Wake Up Call Kindle Edition

“Cross-Marketing: Here’s Your Wake up Call,” follows the career of Marlin R. Bollinger, a successful “company man gone independent,” and departs the wisdom he gained along the way. The book reveals proven business and marketing strategies for both financial services agents and property casualty agents. Its direct approach encourages readers to first understand the financial services history and then to see its future potential. This book is the wakeup call for agents looking to build their agencies through cross-marketing diversification.