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Conmark (CMI), was founded in July of 2017, when CEO Marlin Bollinger transferred the assets and management of The Bollinger Companies to an established, well known, financial services distribution and technology firm. Bollinger described the transfer as a win-win-win for The Bollinger Companies, the TBC distribution force, and Conmark.

“Our mission at CMI is quite simple; focus on our consulting relationship with The Bollinger Companies to provide a contemporary platform to assist independent agents, agencies, and third-party distributors in the dynamic world of financial services distribution. What sets us apart from all other wholesale marketers is our 35+ years of successful marketing on the career, corporate, and brokerage sides of the business. I cannot express in words, how exciting it is to devote 100% of my time to the CMI value proposition. “

“The distribution of life and annuity products is constantly evolving. On the consulting side, CMI functions as a catalyst, bringing multiple distribution forces together. On the marketing side, our well documented history of creative concepting and successful sales ideas will be beneficial to our advisor salesforce.”

The combination of CMI’s marketing and consulting skills and the technology and processing skills of The Bollinger Companies, is a unique partnership designed for success.


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Marln Bollinger
Marln BollingerPresident/CEO

Following his graduation from Susquehanna University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and minors in psychology and sociology, Marlin spent the next 8 years in the radio and advertising professions. Marlin developed his management and leadership skills in college. He served as the station manager of the university’s radio station and was captain of the university’s baseball team his senior year, having lettered all four years.

As a program director and operations manager at radio stations in Massachusetts and Florida, Marlin learned the art of “creative concepting”. The program director of a radio station is responsible for everything you hear on the air. In addition, Marlin was fortunate enough to be charged with the complete development of a new “soft rock” format in the mid 1970’s called “Mellow”. The format must first be formulated in the mind of the creator, then transposed into a material thing. “Creative concepting” is a keystone to success in radio, advertising, and insurance. Bringing a product to market or growing a radio audience by developing a more listened to format, parallels developing creative marketing systems in the insurance industry.

Following his radio and advertising career, Marlin entered the insurance industry as a career agent for The Equitable. In 1982, Marlin joined The Travelers as a Production Supervisor. Over the next 20 years, he worked his way through the ranks to the position of Senior Life Sales Vice President, helping Travelers become the #1 life brokerage company in the country.

In 2003, Marlin resigned his position at Travelers to start The Bollinger Group, a brokerage general agency. Now, The Bollinger Companies; The Bollinger Group and MarketMaxx are recognized as two of the industry’s leading wholesalers, consulting advisors and agencies throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

Marlin has become known for his creative marketing platforms, including the nationally televised “Leveraged Bonus Plan” on Bravo and CNBC. He has authored two books: “Cross-Marketing, Here’s Your Wake-Up Call” and “AgencyMaxx Marketing”. His proven cross-selling systems are considered leading edge in today’s dynamic world of insurance marketing.

Conmark (CMI) is a distribution arm of The Bollinger Companies, created by Marlin to work more closely with agents and agencies in a proactive consulting and marketing capacity.